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What to Wear at the Gym

By Pitbull Clothing

Going to the gym a few times a week is a great way to remain physically fit, but you need to dress in an appropriate way to optimize a workout. One of the most important things to consider wearing is supportive footwear while walking on a treadmill or riding a stationary bicycle to prevent strained muscles and tendons in the feet, ankles and knees. A gym is not a place to wear sandals or flip-flops that expose the toes, leading to a possible injury from a dropped barbell. If you workout frequently, then make sure to replace athletic shoes when the materials begin to breakdown.

Choose Clothing that Wicks Away Perspiration

When you have intense workout sessions, perspiration is vital to keep the body cool. Some individuals perspire more than others, so make sure to select clothing made of the right materials. Many athletes have no problems wearing 100 percent cotton while exercising, especially if a gym has excellent climate control. For anyone experiencing soaking wet shirts, pants and undergarments at the gym, it is time to invest in clothing made of fabric that wicks away moisture. While shopping for garments, look for clothing with labels that state the materials are designed to wick away perspiration. Avoid buying clothing that is too loose or baggy, but do not choose garments that are too tight.

Additional Things to Know about Workout Clothing

Women need to wear specialized workout or sport bras that provide enough support to protect muscles from stretching. A tight but comfortable fit is the best because the fabric of bras tends to relax when it is wet from perspiration. An athletic bra is designed to wear underneath a shirt no matter how colorful and attractive it is. When choosing clothing for the gym, do not buy items that are too revealing. Remember you are often bending, lifting and stretching during exercise and do not want to attract attention for the wrong reasons. Make sure to wash workout clothing thoroughly between gym visits to prevent having smelly garments that annoy others.

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