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BodyBuilding Supplements Guide

Learn the truth about supplements. Do you really need them? Which ones work and which ones are just hype?

If you're interested in buying safe, effective supplements to build lean muscle, burn fat, boost testosterone levels, strength and increase sexual stamina, the following supplements are proven to help you meet your expectations.

Andro Shock Review

Andro-Shock is one of the most potent testosterone boosting supplements available. It's steroid free and specifically blended to deliver amazing results with the following ingredients:

Tongkat Ali 100mg - supports male hormone balance, and minimizes mental fatigue.

DHEA 100mg - hormone that breaks down fat and converts to testosterone.

Zinc Sulphate 30 mg - boosts and maintains levels of testosterone in the body.

Tribulus Terrestris 350 mg - enhances other herbal ingredients and helps to prevent drops in testosterone production from the testicles.

Saw Palmetto 200 mg - promotes healthy prostate function, and suppresses the activity of estrogen.

Chrysin 150 mg- helps lower the body's estrogen production.

Avena Sativa 100 mg- releases trapped testosterone within the body and increases strength and energy.

Nettle Extract 300 mg- increases availability of released testosterone and prostate dysfunction.

Beta Sistosterol 30mg - stops the body from lowering elevated testosterone levels through conversion.

This product is extremely potent. Do not exceed taking it over two months. People who shouldn't take this product at all are:

Males under 21
Men with prostate disease

For more information go to Andro Shock

Ecdy-Bolin Review

Ecdy-Bolin works most effectively with a high protein diet. The average bodybuilder will have an increase of lean muscle in ten days. It offers multiple benefits at the cellular level.

For more information go to Ecdy-Bolin

Nitrobol Review

Nitrobol is a highly effective blend of amino acids used to build lean muscle effectively, and speeds up muscle recovery. Nitrobol is most effective when taken before eating, before bedtime, and after workouts. Two capsules delivers 1000 milligrams of:


For more information go to Nitrobol

Pumped Extreme Review

Pumped Extreme available in a new PH-stable formula, as Kre-Alkalyn Complex, containing L-Taurine, Vanadyl Sulfate, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, using this powerful creatine supplement promotes:

Superior creatine absorption

Prevents water retention, cramping, and dehydration

Promotes energy production

For more information go to Pumped Extreme

Herbal Fat Melter Review

Herbal fat melter can be used by both sexes to maintain lean muscle, suppress food cravings, enhance mental function, overall performance, stamina, and energy. This is a high quality blend of eleven ingredients including:

Green Tea Extract
Bitter Orange Peel Extract
Yerba mate extract
Citrus aurantium fruit extract
Black pepper
Vitamin C
Amino Acid Chelate

For more information go to Herbal Fat Melter

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