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Bodybuilding Nutrition
Made Simple Review

Skip La Cour Bodybuilding Nutrition

Skip La Cour is a bodybuilder who has won over 15 bodybuilding titles and when it comes to eating correctly to gain muscle he has established himself as an expert. It is not easy to eat exactly the way you should in order to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

He stresses the vital importance of planning and that means taking some time in order to plan your meals for the day. Avoiding impulse eating when you are hungry is vitally important if you want to gain muscle. Skip says that it comes down to planning and scheduling your eating at the right time.

If you want to speed up your metabolism you need to eat lots of small meals throughout the day. That does not mean having a burger and fries five times a day as this will just be wasting your time at the gym as you will simply get fat. It is all about the food that you prepare and how you prepare it that will make the difference.

For example if you want to lose fat then you have to start counting calories as that will give you the knowledge on your output and your input. If you want to lose fat then you need to put yourself in a calorie deficit and the only way you are going to do that is to know what calories are and how to count them.

In short protein is muscle and when you know the difference between a high quality protein and a low quality protein with a lot of fat in it then you will be one step closer to putting on quality muscle. Most of the people who train with weights are doing so in order to only put on muscle and not fat.

If you look at the meal plan that Skip recommends you will see that it always has good quality protein in it like VP2 Whey Isolate or chicken breast without the skin etc. This is vital if you want to lose fat and put on muscle at the same time.

The best advice that Skip gives is when he says that you need to fall in love with vegetables again because this high quality is not only user friendly protein but also excellent roughage for your system. He stresses eating before your workouts and taking advantage of the 3 hour window after your workout.

Eating good quality protein within three hours after a hard workout is something that has proved itself to be effective. But Skip stresses that one must not stop eating carbohydrates as they are vital if you want to maintain your energy throughout the day.

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