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Shaving for Bodybuilding Show

If you're new to bodybuilding because you have seen a bodybuilding show or you've seen a bodybuilder on a beach benching the same weight as a compact car and you want that kind of strength, then you need to know that all bodybuilders who compete need to shave their body-hair.

When a judge looks at a bodybuilding competition and is comparing the different physiques standing in front of him or her, they need to see no hair hiding any muscle away or creating a shadow when they're looking for muscle. Unless you're genetically born with alopecia or you simply have no hair on your body you're going to have to shave if you want to compete.

You'll get lots of advice from your friends and the media on the best way to shave all your body-hair but every physique is genetically different and some bodybuilders are born with a lot of hair all over their bodies. For these bodybuilders who want to compete they should first use clippers or scissors.

This will get the hair off your body before you start fine tuning your physique to show the maximum amount of muscle you can. What's left is your clipped or cut hairs that are a couple of millimeters long. This means you now going to need something like a razor and shaving foam or use a waxing medium.

Waxing can be rather painful if you wax long hair before it is clipped or cut by scissors. For this reason the use of a clipper or even a simple pair of scissors is going to be required before the small hair growth left gets removed by a close shave or waxing, or using hair removal creams.

Shaving is probably the best option if the correct equipment is used. You'll be left with a stubble of hair after using a clipper or scissors and you need to use shaving cream and a good razor and work slowly. Getting nicks and cuts from going too fast is simply going to make the body-part you're shaving look worse.

For this reason it is highly recommended that you don't resort to shaving your whole body the day before your bodybuilding show. Ideally you should use the clipper or scissors and then the next day start the shaving process. There's nothing wrong with shaving your lower body on one day and then attacking your upper body the next day.

Your body needs to get used to getting its body-hair shaved and the first time will probably result in razor burn on the sensitive areas like your inner thighs. It'll ease in a day or two, which is another reason why you should never shave for the first time the day before your first bodybuilding competition.

In conclusion, you should shave a week or at least a few days before the show because the stubble that grows back after 7-10 days is easy to deal with using your razor again and some decent shaving foam. If you're looking for well researched products that work well for removing body-hair you should visit the following websites: and

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