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Muscle Shock Training

How To Shock Your Muscles Into Growing

If you have been training with weights for a year or two then you will more than likely know exactly what it feels like to reach a plateau. When you go to the gym and you train and push yourself as hard as you can but you still cannot increase the weight that you worked with last time.

Arnold and Franco when they used to train in the old days started doing "negatives" or eccentric repetitions in order to break through this plateau. Over the years there have been quite a few innovative techniques that have come and gone in order to find the solution.

What Sports Scientists have proven conclusively is that progressive resistance works. Like the old story of Milo and the Olympic games where he carried a young calf on his back every day in order to prepare for the Olympic games coming in two years' time.

After two years he was carrying a full grown cow on his back and he was as strong as an ox, if not stronger. The point is that because progressive resistance works so well we have all lost sight of the correct way to train. The most effective way to train in order to get results is to train the muscle and not the weight that you are lifting.

Sometimes it helps just to change the smallest angle on a movement in order to use a different part of the muscle you are working. Someone watching this being done will probably not notice anything different.

But the difference is there and it has proven itself to work because if you are thinking about the muscle that you are training and not just about lifting the weight, you get results. It is the BIG difference between a powerlifter and a bodybuilder.

You can try it for yourself in your next workout. Instead of just thinking about the weight that you are lifting and how many reps you still got to do think about the specific muscle you are working. It is simple stuff like changing the angle or placements of your hands when you do a bench press.

If you have reached that dreaded plateau where you have stopped growing muscle but you still train regularly then you need to try something else. A simple change in your sets and reps is going to help you break through and get the results that you seek.

It goes without saying here that diet and nutritional supplementation are vitally important here because getting the correct balance is the only way you will get the results from your workouts.

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