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How Muscles Grow

How Does Muscle Grow?

If you are asking how does muscle grow then it is more than likely that you want to grow bigger muscles. Before getting into the scientific explanation of how muscles grow it needs to be understood that all muscles grow when exposed to progressive resistance.

Progressive resistance is the ONLY way that you are going to increase the size of your muscles if you are eating correctly. Diet is also vitally important and you should know that any chemicals (alcohol, drugs, etc.) that you ingest are going to be working against any muscle growth.

The answer to the diet issue in a nutshell is "high quality protein" which can range from egg whites to grilled fish. Please note that I did not say fried fish, which just adds calories and puts on fat, which hides your hard earned muscle gains. It is important to realize that eating high quality protein once a day is like training once a week and expecting results. You need to eat quality protein at least three times a day in order to get the benefit. The same as you need to train at the very least three times a week.

Scientifically speaking there are two schools of thought with regards to muscle increasing in size. The one school of thought says that the muscle fiber increases in size and the other school of thought says that the fiber actually splits and doubles when a certain point is reached.

The truth is actually not important here because if you want to increase the size of your muscles there is only one way to do it. Simply put progressive resistance which means that you need to CONSTANTLY increase the amount of weight that you train with.

Whether it is "forced reps" training with a partner who knows what he/she is doing or reducing your reps on any given movement. You will only see a difference to the size of your muscle when you get stronger and that means being able to lift a heavier weight.

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