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How Much To Bench Press

How Much Should You Bench Press

One of the most common questions in the gym is "how much can you bench?" It seems as if this exercise is one of the most important in impressing people by your lifting numbers. Some people do not even realize what a good or realistic amount to bench press is.

For a beginning lifter, 135 pounds is a good amount to bench press. This seems to be a great milestone that may seem to take forever to get to for those that don't have the best of genetics. For others, they may find that they're already able to bench press 135 pounds right off the bat starting out. For most though, 135 pounds means that you finally got to one plate on each side of the bar, and nothing feels better than being able to do that for the first time.

For intermediate lifters, 225 pounds is a major milestone. This represents being able to bench press two plates on each side of the bar, and it can really take your lifting to a whole other level. Once you reach this stepping-stone, many people will become impressed by how strong you are. There aren't many lifters that are able to press this much weight, so you will know that you are qualified as an intermediate lifter at this point.

Finally, to be considered an advanced weight lifter, you should be able to bench press at least 315 pounds. This represents being able to press three plates on each side of the bar. There is a very small percentage of people that start lifting that ever reach this point. Even people who develop solid physiques over the years are never able to get to this strong. People who are able to achieve this level of strength impress many people around them. If you ever get this strong, you will find that people in your gym will gather around to watch your feat of strength. I don't think there could be a better feeling in the gym than the first time you bench press 315 pounds.

Building up a good bench press takes time, and you won't be able to get there over night. In order to avoid injuries, you should make sure to have a good warm-up and always stick to good form. By sacrificing form, you are only setting yourself that much further to increase your weight on the bench press!

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