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Hardgainer Muscle Gain

How Hardgainers Can Gain Muscle

Hardgainers are people that are generally thin and have a hard time putting on muscle mass. It may also be that a hardgainer will be someone who has more slow-twitch or red muscle fibers in their genetic makeup. Whereas a fast gainer will have more fast-twitch or white muscle fibers in his/her body.

But that does not mean that a hardgainer cannot put on good quality muscle. It all starts and ends with progressive resistance and obviously choosing the correct exercises to do.

For example a hardgainer should not do "isolated" exercises a lot which will not increase his/her strength. Doing dumbbell concentration curls or one arm dumbbell triceps extensions is not going to help you put on much muscle if you are a hardgainer.

The single best exercise for a hardgainer to put on good quality muscle is squats. Not only will squats make you strong but it will increase the amount of lean body mass that you have all over your body.

This will increase the thickness of your chest from the heavy breathing as well as increase the size and/or thickness of your back, shoulders and arms. The second and third most important exercises if you are a hard gainer are deadlifts and the bench press.

It goes without saying that the only way you are going to get the results that you seek is by eating correctly as well. This is vitally important because you will not be spending hours at the gym as you will be doing hard and intense and quick workouts.

Training at the very minimum of three times a week and eating at least four high quality protein meals a day will work. You need to know that things like drinking lots of water and having eight hours quality sleep a night are also vitally important.

All of the above are completely useless if you are going to train with the same weight every day. The ONLY way that a hardgainer is going to get results is with progressive resistance. So make sure you add a least a little weight to the bar each week.

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