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Make Your Own
Home Gym Equipment

Tips on How to Build Your Own Gym Equipment

Build your own gym equipment, find materials at home, and start with floor exercises. You need a mat, something that cushions your body, any carpet will do. The mat is good for sit-ups and stretching your body. Choose a place that gives you enough room to lie down, jump, and stretch. Having a mirror is good, enough to see your whole body.

The next thing is a jump rope; find a rope about 1/2" thick. Make sure you can take a full jump; the rope should not be too short. Tie a knot from the inside edge of rope, about 8" in, insert a plastic soft tube, a garden hose type tube cut into two pieces 6" wide, then tie a knot at the very end of the rope, your hand should fit between the two knots. Do the same on each side of the rope. Start with ten slow jumps a day and ten quick ones, work your way up one hundred jumps each workout session. This is good cardio! Also, a heavy-duty elastic cord about 15" tied or sewed together will make a good resistant exercises band.

A simple piano type of bench is good for working your abs; all you need is room for your upper body, legs off the bench. Lie down on your back, and lift your legs up and down, start with about ten lifts, as you progress increase reps. be careful not to strain your back, always hold your core tight while lifting your legs.

You need weights! Depending on your strength levels, you can start with just two cans of vegetables, for building muscle. As you get stronger, you can fill half-gallon plastic milk containers with sand, if you don't have sand kitty litter will do. Make sure, the top of the milk container is the screw type for secure closing. You can also fill up 16 oz. Water bottles with gravel or sand for additional weights.

If you have an old duffle bag with handles, make a sand bag filling it up with sand or gravel. Use it for lifting up and down or side to side. If you have a place to hang it, you can use the bag for a punching session.

Stick to using your home gym every day, or at least three times a week, and you are sure to build muscles and have a great lean body.

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