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BodyBuilding Supplements Timing

When to Take BodyBuilding Supplements

Since bodybuilding is an "around the clock lifestyle" you need to take supplements throughout the day that will benefit your activity the best.

First thing in the morning, chase those egg whites and oatmeal with a good multivitamin that contains male or female specific compounds. If you exercise first thing, take them after you workout because they can give you an upset stomach when blood begins to travel to the extremities.

For your midmorning meal, be sure you take a proprietary sport pak ("Animalpak" for instance). These super concentrated compounds prep your metabolism for extreme workouts and lean tissue growth. They also facilitate, nutrient storage in the body's system.

Throughout the day try to drink at least two high quality protein shakes. Good quality protein is made from whey and/or casein and contains very low amounts of saturated and unsaturated fats and sugar. If you are supplementing to gain weight, protein shakes with milk (if your system can stand the lactose) are a big boost to your meal plan.

For a pre workout supplement, L-arginine, creatine, BCAA and niacin are the most effective. L-Arginine increases blood flow, blood volume and gives you a literal "charge". Creatine aids in workout intensity. Branch chain amino acids (BCAA) help with post workout muscle recovery. Niacin is a vasodilator that rushes blood and minerals to the outermost capillaries, guaranteeing a "hot" intense workout.

Post workout, the best supplementation is a whey protein mixed with a natural or fruit sugar like fructose and sucrose. Try mixing vanilla protein with lemon-lime flavored Gatorade powder. You will literally feel your muscles feeding on the raw fuel.

To sleep well, the best bodybuilding supplement is GABA. Gamma amino-butric acid is a muscle relaxer that is naturally occurring and encourages the muscles to use sleep time as an opportunity to rebuild and repair, thereby ensuring growth.

The supplements you take are not nearly as important as your supplement timing. Evaluate the degree of activity you are putting your body through - and then supplement to meet those needs.

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