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Ben Pakulski MI40 Review

Review of Ben Pakulski's MI40 Program

Ben Pakulski's MI (mass intention) workout is something that has been scientifically proven itself to work. It is a long time coming to the point that Ben has presented this program to be the fastest and most effective way to increase muscle growth and shock your muscles to respond.

There is no doubt about it that this is not for someone who is just starting out with weight training. This is something that is specifically designed for people who have been training for a few years and have reached that dreaded plateau.

Ben has a degree from the University of Western Ontario in Kinesiology so he knows what he is talking about. The number 40 is no coincidence because Sports Science has scientifically proven that 40 seconds is the perfect time to deplete the muscle of any stored CP and ATP.

The number goes further than that because it is also the number of seconds rest between the sets. The main purpose of 40 is also the 40 sets that are used in his program and the 40 days (6 weeks) that it takes to get the maximum results.

Ben's program is extremely specific and you will get all the additional help and advice that you will need in order to get the results. From a 40 day mass consumption nutrition manual to printable workout sheets that you can follow.

The explanation of the Mass Intention is vital if you want this to work for you. He explains in the DVD that comes with the pack that going heavier is not always the best option. With this new MI program he explains exactly how you can change the angle of pushing or pulling.

The reason why this program is so effective is simply because of the attitude and the new neuromuscular pathways that are created when training in this way. The result is that your muscles are shocked into stimulated growth that gets your muscles to grow.

His program also includes an audio interviw where he talks openly about techniques that he uses that are not mentioned in the DVD. There is also a MI supplement stack protocol which explains exactly what supplements should be taken.

There is no doubt about it that we are going to see more of Ben Pakulski as he attempts to qualify for the Mr. Olympia at the end of the year. This Mass Intention program that he is offering is something that puts into words what every serious bodybuilder has known for a long time.

The specifics on exactly how to change the stress angle when working out and using different muscle fibers to lift the weight is something that we just know will work. This step by step explanation is welcomed by the bodybuilding fraternity.

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