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A Beginner Abs Workout for Women

Do you want flat abs? Are you looking to tighten up your midsection and create a firmer tummy? You will be happy to know that it isnít that hard. In this article I am going to give you a beginner abs workout that will help you do just that.

Technique is paramount

When you are doing any resistance training you need to make sure your technique is perfect. The exercises are designed in specific ways that help you avoid injuries and maximize the amount of utility you get from the motion. If you cheat on the exercise you are only harming your progress.

Make sure you read up on all these exercises in our abs archive and learn how to do them perfectly. If you need to hire a trainer for a day to go through them all with you then do that. It will be well worth it in the long run.

This workout is for any woman that is looking to tone, tighten or strengthen her midsection. It is suitable for women with little to no exercise experience.

1. Warm up

Start with a brief five minute warm up like a quick jog or some running on the spot. The idea is to get the muscles warm and the blood pumping.

2. Reverse Crunch 3 sets of 15 reps

The reverse crunch is an excellent exercise for targeting your lower abs.

How to do it:

To perform this exercise lay on your back with your hands cradling your lower back. Keep your head and upper shoulders on the ground. Extend your legs out so you are horizontal to the floor and then using your abdominal muscles, bring your legs in and up to your chest. Crunch the abs. When you have brought them as far as you can rock back slightly on to your upper back and crunch the abs further. This is on repetition.

Do three sets of 15 reps making your technique is perfect and your repetitions are done in a slow and careful manner.

3. Abdominal Crunch 3 sets of 15 reps

The abdominal crunch is the basic crunch that allows you to target your upper and lower abs while protecting your lower back from strain.

How to do it:

Lie on your back and place your finger tips on your temples. Do not put your hands behind your head as this can lead to pulling. Place your feet flat on the floor and using your abdominal muscles roll your body up towards your thigh muscles while exhaling. To do this, start with the head and neck and then the upper shoulders and finally crunch the abs. The motion should be like rolling a newspaper instead of going up and down like a see-saw. Once you have reached the top of the motion slowly lower yourself back down and repeat without resting your head on the floor.

Do three sets of 15 reps in a slow and controlled manner. Make sure your tense your abs at all times throughout the exercise.

4. Warm down

For your warm down it is a good idea to do some stretches. This helps with muscle recovery and keeps your midsection healthy and strong. The best stretch to do is the Upward Dog Yoga Pose.

How to do it:

To do the Upward Dog sit on your knees with your upper forehead touching the ground and your arms outstretched as far as they can go in front of you. Breathe out and as you breathe in slowly run your chin along the floor towards your hands and then curl yourself up so you have a nice bend in your back. Stretch your chin up, roll your shoulders back and tense your buttocks. You should feel a nice stretch in your back and abs. Continue to breathe. To come out of this stretch simply breathe in and as you breathe out go back in to the starting position. Rest for a few breaths.


This abs workout will be perfect for anyone who wants to strengthen their midsection and develop a flatter tummy. It will only take ten minutes but the results will be well worth your time. Remember, technique is paramount so make sure you do every exercise perfectly.

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