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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Superset Workout

By Supplement Source

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a pretty busy guy during the past few years, but it's almost impossible for anyone to forget his roots. Before becoming an action hero, he was a dedicated bodybuilder and was Mr. Universe five times and Mr. Olympia a total of seven times. Everyone knows that getting a body like Arnold's requires dedication, endurance, and discipline, but it also requires the ability to work smart rather than just working hard. It's important to do a workout that will strengthen your muscles as efficiently as possible. How exactly can this be done? By utilizing Arnold's superset routine.

Supersets are a combination of two vigorous exercises without resting in between. They allow the weight lifter to rest one set of muscles while simultaneously working on a different set. This is a highly effective way to build muscles and it was one of Arnold's favorite things to do at the gym. Let's take a look at the routines he used for his daily workout.

Routine 1 - Dips (weighted) and Chin-ups

The first workout is 15 reps and 5 sets of weighted dips. Arnold would regularly add an additional 80 pounds to his normal body weight to do them. After that is chin-ups. Do close-grips on a v-bar attachment set over an overhead bar. For the dips, do five sets of 12 reps. This superset is a great way to work out your arms and shoulder muscles.

Routine 2 - Dumbbell Flys and Barbell Rows

The next workout is dumbbell flys on a flat bench, which are easy to do in effort but hard to do properly. The majority of novice body builders will bring them down to about chest level and shoot up towards the top and clank the two weights together. Arnold's routine would involve him taking his dumbbells down as far as he could before bringing them back up slowly until they were about a foot apart, as soon as his biceps relaxed. He'd normally do sets of 15, and then 12, 10, and 10, with 10 reps a piece.

For barbell rows, Arnold would stand on a high-box to allow him to dip down as far as he could before stretching back up slowly. The sets and reps for these were the same as what he did for Dumbbell flys.

Routine 3 - Barbell Press (inclined) and T-Bar Row

The inclined barbell press and t-bar row are both great and basic ways to add a ton of mass. For Arnold routine, he'd normally start with 15 reps and 12, 12, 10, and 10 sets.

Arnold's strategy for these routines would be to alternate them in a pattern until he's done a total of six rounds.

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